Senior Schools

Our children leave Holmwood to go on to a wide range of senior schools, both boarding and day, with whom we enjoy tremendously supportive relationships.  The Headmaster meets with parents of children in Year 5 to start the process of choosing their future schools.  In recent years our boys and girls have gone to.....

Benenden New Hall
Culford Oundle
Downside Royal Hospital School
Eton Rugby
Felsted St Joseph's
Gresham's Uppingham
Haileybury Westminster
Harrow Woodbridge
Ipswich Worth
King's, Canterbury  
The Leys  

The Headmaster will always visit any other senior schools in which parents may be interested.


Recent Scholarships

Our track record of supporting children through scholarships is impressive.   Academic, Sports, Music, Art, DT and All Rounder scholarships have been awarded to Holmwood pupils from a wide range of senior schools throughout the country over the past four years. 

For Scholarships to Senior Schools, please click here for details of our process.

Senior School Fairs   

Holmwood hosts regular Senior School Fairs every two years.  The next one will take place during the summer term 2019.