For an outline of the Geography curriculum by year group, please see our Curriculum Guides.  

Spring 2018  Year 8 & PS7 half-term revision

PS7 Revision
PS7 Geography Revision for Summative Assessment in February

Year 8 Revision
 Year 8 Geography Guidance for Assessment in February

Here is your guidance for the geography assessment in week 7.

You will have been given a hard copy in your lesson on Tuesday 6 February. You have started to read through this and highlight key points. In the same lesson, you were given a set of practice questions to do during morning revision sessions and over the half term.

Ideally, you will complete as many of these as you can over the next couple of weeks; hand in any responses to me at the beginning of week 6 in order for me to mark and return to you before the assessment.

Good luck with your assessment,

Mr Guy

Ipswich Scholars
S8 Ipswich revision guidance for scholarship exam

Here is your guidance for the forthcoming geography scholarship examination to Ipswich School. You have been given a hard copy of this during week 5 of the Spring Term. Make sure you read through and highlight key points. Also, you have a copy of Practice Paper 9. You need to do ALL 4 QUESTIONS from this paper; hand in during your lesson on Saturday 24th February 2018 (so, you have two weeks to complete). Remember, you will only need to do ONE of these structured essay questions in the actual examination.

Mr Guy
Uppingham Scholars
S8 Uppingham (CASE) revision guidance for final examination
 CASE Geography
CASE Geography insert

Additional Revision Activities

Years 7 & 8 additional revision

Location Knowledge Exercises
 Mapwork Revision 2017 onwards

Geography - The Essentials


 Eathquakes and Volcanoes

 OS Map Skills


 Weather and Climate

 Weather and Climate of the British Isles - Quick Revision Sheet

 Practice questions on Population and Settlement

 Practice questions on Transport and Industry

 Population and Settlement

 Transport and Industry

 Farming (for Ipswich scholars only)

Key Terminology

 General Terminology

 Plate Tectonics Terminology

 River Terminolgy

 Coast Terminology

 Weather and Climate Terminology

 Settlement and Urbanisation Terminology

 Economic and Industry Terminolgy

Scholarship Essay Plans

 CASE Section A Earthquakes 

 CASE Section B Economic Geography

 CASE Secion B Globalisation

 CASE Section B Rainfall and Flooding

 CASE Section B Settlement

 CASE Section B Sustainable Development

 CASE Section B Weather and Climate

 Global Warming (Harrow)

Useful Websites  Years
7 & 8

A general website covering a multitude of Geography topics – it has links to videos and

PowerPoint presentations.

7 & 8 An excellent library of short video clips on a wealth of topics – just type in the topic you want. All Year Groups
Quick revision notes and tests – appropriate for Common Entrance and Scholarship. Years
7 & 8

Another video based site – just type in a key word (e.g. Earthquakes) and the site will produce a list of short (usually 5 minutes) video films to watch.

Good for Science and other subjects too.

4, 5, 6,
7 & 8
Some of the Department’s Schemes of Work incorporate Barnaby Bear’s travels. Years
1, 2, 3,
4 & 5

Essentially a links based website – all the topics for Common Entrance and Scholarship are covered. Years
6, 7 & 8 

 This site has great map based games.  It is suitable for all ages. All Year Groups