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Assessment Timetable - Autumn 2017

PDF icon PS7 

PDF icon S8

PDF icon Year 8


Equipment List 

Two pencils

A rubber

A ruler

A pen and cartridges or two pens

A sharpener

A few colouring pencils

A 360/180 degree protractor

A pair of compasses

For Science and some Maths papers you will also need:

A calculator

  • You may take one small mascot into the exam room.
  • You may take a bottle of water in to the exam room.
  • Box files should be brought to the exam room. Remove the equipment required for the exam. You will be told to leave your box file in a designated place.
  • The examination should take the time indicated on the exam paper. If you finish early please check through every question at least once.
  • Please assemble outside the exam room five minutes before the start. 


  • All exams will start on time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive on time with the required equipment.

Examinations are always conducted in silence and no pupil should communicate with another at any time during the exam.