For an outline of the Science curriculum by year group, please see our Curriculum Guides.

2018 Summer term Revision 


The following revision applies for the remainder of the summer term.

Year 7 - PTW / OLW

Year 7 Science Revision Programme - click here to view/download 

Year PS7 & Year 8 - ASK / PTW / OLW

Each student has been provided with the following two sheets: 

  • Science Revision Instructions
  • Year 7/8 Science Programme - click here to view/download
  • PS7 Science Revision Programme  - click here  to view/download 

General Resources

Pupils should make full use of their past exercise books, the Revisions Guides and the websites listed on the Science Revision programme.

All Years 7 & 8 pupils have been issued with three textbooks from the school library for reference:  “Spectrum Biology”, “Spectrum Chemistry” and “Spectrum Physics”.  These textbooks should be kept at home for the duration of the Common Entrance course and returned to the library after completion of the final CE examination.

Science week

Join our science adventures during Science week 2017 

Science Week 2017

Useful Science Links Living Things:  Skeletons and skulls for animals Year  4
Living Things:  Life Cycle of Plants Year 4 Living Things:  Adaptations - Crocodiles Year 5
Living Things:  Interactive Human Body for KS3 Materials: Combustion - on Fire for KS3
Physical Processes:  Solar System Simulation  Year 5
supascience Supascience For CE Revision
INTEL science link Interactive Biology, Chemistry and Physics pages For KS3 Science Animations For KS3 All topics Years 7 & 8 
(and staff starters or plenary)
learn anytime General Topics All years
scibermonkey Search engine All years
think energy Energy Heat Transfer, etc Years 5 - 8


://  Living Things:  Skeletons and skulls for animals                                             Year  4