Aims of the School

Ethos, Aims & Objectives 



Original 1922 statement:


Holmwood House School was opened “to develop the individuality and abilities of each child, to make them self-reliant and adaptable and to help them face reality”.


September 2009 onwards:


The school community (co-educational since 1985) still values this statement and would expand upon it stating that the school today aims to: 

  • develop the individuality of each child; helping them to achieve their full potential in all areas of their learning whilst appreciating the talents of those around them;
  • encourage children to develop and grow as rounded individuals with high self-esteem and confidence in their abilities, through the provision of a wide range of quality activities and opportunities; 
  • encourage pupils to have enquiring minds and to be capable of independent thought as a result of their own sense of self worth and happiness; 
  • foster a love of learning, ensuring all children are happy at school, are self-reliant learners and are adaptable to a range of situations; 
  • provide a rich, diverse, broad and balanced curriculum within a safe, secure and caring environment; 
  • encourage care, courtesy and consideration through respect for others in order to prepare them for the outside world through the development of a range of life skills.