the School ethos

Holmwood House School was opened “to develop
the individuality and abilities of each child, to
make them self-reliant and adaptable and to help
them face reality”.

In addition, we believe that happiness is the key to progress and that each, individual child should be valued for their own merits.

We aim to achieve this through fostering a lifelong love of learning by encouraging pupils to:

  • be resilient with a sense of high self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in their abilities to achieve their full potential in all areas of a rich, diverse, broad and balanced curriculum;

  • be resourceful and reflective with enquiring minds, capable of independent and reasoned thought, adapting to an ever-changing world;

  • be responsible for their own learning, respect others around them, adopt a proactive approach to care, courtesy and consideration and be aware of their own wellbeing and that of others.

At Holmwood House we strive to develop in every individual a love of learning and happiness in all that they do.

Our nurturing environment, broad curriculum and wealth of opportunities, enable every child to become curious, creative, confident and motivated; achieving their very best. Learn more about our school ethos, here.

We have recently developed a clearly stepped and ambitious plan to focus our work over the next three years. You can find out more, here: 


The 5Rs - Our Learning Philosophy

PDF icon  Please click here to read our Learning Philosophy - The 5 Rs.