fiction Book Review

Book review by James J, Year 8


Book Title: Robinson Crusoe
Author:  Daniel Defoe
Spine label: Collins Classics
Publisher: William Collins
What is the story about? A young man of 24 who gets in a shipwreck and finds himself on an island.  He works out the ways in which the island works, when he sees footprints in the sand.  He finds another person and he is called Friday.
Main characters: Robinson Crusoe and Friday
Favourite character:  Robinson Crusoe
Did you like or dislike the story:

 I like the story because it is a sort of book for people who like adventure and survival but I would not advise younger years to read it because it is a difficult book to understand and it has words that younger years would not necessarily know.

It is a very well written book and I like it. 

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