match reports

Hockey - 1st  VII vs Barnardiston Hall (A)

This was definitely a game of two halves! At half time, despite the run of play Holmwood were losing 2-1 and playing mediocre hockey with far too many wasted opportunities. After a little chat at half time they transformed into the great team that I believe they can be. Passes were on target and tackles were stronger leading to some great attacking runs finished off by superb goals from Evie D, Sarah B,and Annabel H. We won the second half 6-1 and finally saw the return of the “dream team”!!

Hockey - 2nd  VII vs Barnardiston Hall (A)


Wow, what a difference a week makes! During training, we worked hard on our positional and set plays. The girls focused on their passing , focusing on utilising the width of the pitch and creating an attack by passing into spaces for players to run on to. We did not want to see a repeat performance of the previous week's match. However, watching the first half performance, I thought we were. We were muddled, hitting the ball anywhere and really assisted Barnadiston Hall in scoring the first goal by our poor play. At half time we were 1-0 down. During the team talk they reminded themselves of the areas we had been practising during the week, and how they needed to be implemented. They were determined to win.

As soon as the second half started the girls were on the attack. The forwards held their position trusting the defence and centre half to bring the ball to them. This created space. The defence made great hit-outs to the wings, enabling an effective attack to commence. Angelie A and Sophie H in defence were cool and controlled when under attack . Harriet F, as centre half, made great passes forward to a space on the wing for the right winger, Holly H, to pick up and make an attack. In fact all of the four goals that followed were from set plays.


It was wonderful to see the girls' confidence in their ability flourishing creating numerous chances at goal. We won 4-2, but it could easily have been 8-2. It was such a change from the first half and their play was so exceptional, that the Barnadiston coach came over and congratulated them on their play and their improvement. I was very proud of their determination and the unity they demonstrate. Well done !!!


Goal scorers:  3 goals Rosie-Kate B and 1 goal by Phoebe R.

Girls of the match : Angelie A and Sophie H for great defensive play and showing great improvement throughout the season.