match reports

Hockey - 1st & 2nd VIIs vs Finborough (A)

1st VII

This proved to be an excellent match despite the score line. I took the opportunity to give the year 8s priority this week and they certainly proved themselves worthy of selection. Scarlet G was outstanding in goal and Finty W made numerous tackles and attacking passes. Rosie B and Phoebe R joined us from the 2nd team and worked their socks off on a sticky, uphill pitch. Captain Annabel H led by example scoring a hat trick and Phoebe R and Sarah B also found the back of the net. Millie C dominated the defence with her timely tackles and verbally kept the game together. A really great afternoon of hockey which showed just how versatile these girls are adapting to different surfaces. Well done!

Final Result Holmwood 5 - 0 Finborough

 2nd VII

Another great performance by the 2nd's Hockey Team. We played a very different team to the normal. This week we took the opportunity to play all year eight's in the first team and allow the remaining year sevens to play for the seconds. This gave Issy L a great opportunity to play on the field, as centre forward and allow the remaining year sevens from the original second squad to play a full match.

From the off we were on the attack, but unfortunately after numerous chances at goal we just could not find the back of the goal.

Finborough, on their first break, scored. This did not deter the girls in the slightest - it fuelled their desire to succeed! It was not long before we scored our first goal. Issy L was first on the scorecard, followed by another two! One was particularly impressive as she took on and passed three defenders to pop the ball in past the goal keeper.

It was particularly rewarding to see that every goal scored, was as a result of the entire team setting up the attacking play. Holly H was a force to be reckoned with on the right, charging up the right side of the pitch and delivering perfect crosses, time and time again. Sophie H scored three fantastic goals on the far left post, as a result of the great delivery from her team mates. In defence, when needed, the girls made great tackles and once in possession of the ball delivered it calmly to the mid field. I was so impressed with their play, attitude, and sportsmanship. Once again I received great comments and feedback from the oppositions' coach. Once again I was full of pride for a great bunch of girls.

Sophie H scored 3 and Issy L scored 3 goals. Well Done !!


Final Result: Holmwood 6 - 1 Finborough