match reports

Hockey - 2nd VII vs Gosfield (H), Wednesday 1 October 2014

Initially, the girls were very muddled and unable to maintain their positions.  This made it extremely difficult to create space and move the ball into the attacking D. Once the girls had calmed down, and thought about their play and positions, they looked like a completely different team.   From the off, the forwards continually drove into the attacking D with great grit and determination.  Holmwood's first goal was as a result of a short corner set play.  A great pass from Phoebe R, across the goal face, was superbly smashed into the goal with a sweeping shot by Rosie B at the far post.  The second and third goals were both scored by Phoebe R.  Her first from another short corner and the second after picking up a stray ball from a tackle at the half way line. Phoebe powered down the pitch and made a cracking shot at goal and scored - fabulous!  By half-time, Holmwood were leading 3-0, thus giving the opportunity to play more of the squad with less experience as well as mix the positions.

Sophie H and Angelie A showed a new confidence and determination not seen before.  They took on players and were instrumental in the defensive play and made some great tackles. Scarlett G made some great runs along the left wing, demonstrating her skills when taking on the defence.  Two more goals were scored, one by Rosie B and the other by Scarlett. The last goal was exceptional, derived from a long corner set play.

It was good to see the set play and skill practice being used with such effect and success!  Well done to all the team.