match report

Rugby - 1st & 2nd XIIIs vs RHS (H)

1st XIII

The rain stayed away  long enough for us to play some good running rugby. RHS played well and kept us on our toes, any missed tackles and they were off.  We ran in a few exciting tries and were able to defend well enough not to conceded any points. This was a good way to end our season at home.


2nd XIII

Due to previous performances several players had been given an opportunity to play in the 1st XIII.  This led to numerous changes in position with everyone pulling together to fill the required spots some even playing out position for the benefit of the team.  A small lack of initial structure led to Holmwood conceding the first try.

Holmwood rallied and returned quickly with tries scored.  Holmwood began to read the game very well exploiting weaknesses in RHS defensive structure.  This led to tries being scored from various positions on the field. 

This is the most dominant that Holmwood have been so far this season. Very well done.

Final Result: Holmwood 39 - 17  RHS