match reports

Soccer - U8 A VII vs Colchester High School (H), Wednesday 15 October 2014

Holmwood played their second match in three weeks against Colchester High.  After a miss match last time, Holmwood played a much stronger and more organised team.  Holmwood played very well and all players managed to keep their positions well throughout the match.  Jack E in centre midfield worked hard and passed well, Edward S kept his width on  the right and attacked with great pace, putting several good crosses into the Colchester High box.  

After starting the game in goal, and then playing in defence for the remainder of the first half, Angus M moved to the position of striker for the second half.  It was he who made the difference scoring two goals in a short space of time. Jude S, Oscar S and James B all kept their discipline in defence and tried to pass the ball when the opportunities arose.

Thank you for those who took their turn in goal.

Result Holmwood 2 - 0 Colchester High 

Soccer - U8 B VII vs Colchester High School (H), Wednesday 15 October 2014

Well where do I start?  What a great team performance from the Year 3 boys!  So much improvement for their second game this term.  Sam G, Toby P and Jack T, in the midfield, tackled and passed very well.  The first goal of the game came from Isaac, after he came out from being in goal, to make it 1-0 to Holmwood.

Holmwood dominated the rest of the game and Colchester struggled to get the ball out of their own half.  Holmwood found their feet with great efforts from Tommy T and Harry RL.  A great end to the first half of the term's football.  Very well played boys - a great team effort!

Soccer - U8 C VII vs Colchester High School (H), Wednesday 15 October 2014

An excellent spectacle of football.  Everyone had great fun watching and playing. Rafa, Luca and Richard were all over the place, tackling at every opportunity.  Jesse D held his position as striker and made some good runs at goal.  Britton F, Flynn P and Harry H all tackled very hard and passed the ball well throughout.  Harry H had the best shot at goal from 25 yards out and nearly scored.  Sam M had a clean sheet in goal saving a couple of crucial shots and Gabriel tried to tackle and find space sensibly for the duration.  A great match, well done!

Result Holmwood 0 - 0 Colchester High