match report

14 September 2016

Hockey U11 A vs Littlegarth

Score: drew 1-1 
This was the girls first match of the season and started the match playing very polite hockey, which meant that we were letting them take the ball off of us and have the majority of the play. By the end of the 3rd quarter the Holmwood girls had ditched the polite hockey for grass pitch hockey and really got stuck in. It was a great transformation to see and I was pleased with all of them. Well done girls

Mrs Earley

Hockey U11 B vs Littlegarth

This was billed as a Training match and the girls certainly learnt a lot during the course of the play.

We started very hesitantly in the first quarter and were unsure of the role of our positions.  This allowed Littlegarth to score a very quick goal but this had a positive impact and all the team woke up and the linking of the ball down the pitch started.  From some very determined play from all the girls, Davina M gave us our equaliser.  But Littlegarth were not going to make our life easy and kept the pressure on our goalie, Ava M, eventually succeeding in a further goal.

The second quarter saw both teams very evenly matched and despite some strong tackling and accurate passing, neither team were able to add to their score.

In the third quarter, and with the girls changing position each time they came back on from a substitution, our determination rewarded us with a second goal this time from Sophie D.  But once again Littlegarth were not to be outdone and added a third goal just before the whistle.

In the final quarter the extreme heat was definitely taking its toll but our heads never went down. Demonstrating sheer tenacity the ball was worked down the pitch and passed to Sophie who, with a strong hit at goal, was rewarded with our third goal.

The team that finished this match were certainly nothing like the girls that started it.  Our communication improved throughout the match and our passing of the ball became much more accurate.  Well done to all the girls involved, the 3 - 3 scoreline was well earned and an accurate reflection on the match.

Mrs Jeffery

Hockey U11 C vs Littlegarth

This was the first match of the season for both sides and so was used as a training exercise more than a competitive fixture. In the first quarter, Holmwood looked strong in attack due to the speed of Anna P on the wing and Hannah L in central midfield however, the girls just did not get a shooting opportunity as Littlegarth managed to defend well. In the second quarter Holmwood used the space on the field better and were able to create more scoring opportunities by crossing into the D from the wing. This resulted in Hannah L scoring to put Holmwood in front. The third quarter saw more play in the centre of the field and on the wings and another goal being scored by Holmwood by Julia K, but with the unseasonably hot weather causing the girls to take more time hydrating during the breaks, there was no time for a fourth quarter and the game finished 2-0 to Holmwood. Well done girls! A promising start.

Mrs Julier