21 September 2016

Girls' Hockey U11A vs OBH

Score: won 3-2 OBH

This game started the same as the littlegarth game with the girls playing very polite hockey however this time it took them until half time to realise it! Once they had they were unstoppable. This game was a real pleasure to watch, the girls were well positioned and were hitting/running into spaces. Really well played for only their second game of the season! Well done girls.

Mrs Earley

Girls' Hockey U11B vs OBH

The girls put on an amazing display of hockey from start to finish and they should be very proud of their achievements during the match.

It was clear from the outset that all of them had taken on board what we had been practising in training, particularly holding positions and not going into each others space.  The rewards were immediate; the ball was worked easily down the pitch and we had many shots on goal, with Sabine S being the first to add to our score in the first quarter.
The second quarter was equally as impressive and the girls had the confidence to start calling for the ball.  Pearl P and Alexandra B-C added one goal apiece and there was some excellent defending from Sarah E and Sophie D that prevented Goalkeeper, Ava M, from getting a look-in!
The third quarter saw some changes of position with forwards swapping to defence and vice versa.  But this still didn't stop the ball going into the goal, courtesy of Sabine and Sophie.  Holly C had an exceptional quarter as Centre Half and was instrumental in moving the ball across the pitch to spread the play out.  Hannah L also had a good quarter in defence and tackled strongly and accurately.
The final quarter saw another goal from Alexandra and some excellent play from Davina M who worked tirelessly throughout the match. This was a brilliant team performance - those parents who had made the long journey to come and watch were very pleased they did!
Final score 6 - 0 to HH

Mrs Jeffery