match reports

28 September 2016

Rugby U12 A vs Woodbridge

Holmwood U12 A got their season off to a fantastic start, scoring six trys to 1 against Woodbridge.

Holmwood started very strongly scoring 3 trys in the first 6 minutes of the match, using a mixture of good physicality and passing out of the tackle to score a superb try in the corner.
Woodbridge rallied and came back strong,But due to good defensive pressure, Holmwood managed to gain another score before the half.

Woodbridge rallied again and with good continuity scored the first try in the second period. Holmwood decided to turn the flow of the game around, and although some dropped balls, began to try and play some ambitious rugby out wide. Holmwood scored twice more after his.

This being the first game of the season, in addition to some new rules for many players, every Holmwood Boy should be pleased with their performance.

Well Done.

Mr White

Rugby U12 B vs Woodbridge

What a game! The boys were off to a storming start right from the beginning. With a bit of creative referring, the game was a well balanced and at times a fiercely contested affair. Sportsmanship and respect for their opponents were the main aspects of a well deserved win. Our first of the season.

A special mention must go to James E for his caring nature on the field whenever an opponent got injured. Showing that rugby players also have a soft side.

Mr McCormack