Match report

5 October 2016

Girls' Hockey U11B  vs St Joseph's

The girls continue to include new skills learnt in training to their match play, resulting in some very efficient stick work and fluid movement of the ball.

In the first half our defence, Pearl P, Sarah E, Anna B and Ava M in goal, had to work hard to keep the ball out of the 'D'.  They tackled strongly and passed out accurately which was very frustrating for the opposition.  We capitalised on this with two goals, firstly from Sophie D and then from Alexandra B-C.

In the second half our forwards, Davina M, Alexandra and Sophie, dominated and the ball spent much of the time in our attacking half.  Holly C in the key position of Centre Half, had another strong match having taken well to this position.  A further goal from Sophie resulted in a final score of 3 - 0 to us.

Congratulations to all the girls for this strong team performance.  Each week your skills become more refined and this is reflected in some very pleasing hockey!

Mrs Jeffrey

Girls' Hockey U11C vs St Joseph's

The team had 10 girls available to play this week and so it was planned that there would be lots of swapping of positions so that everybody would get a chance to play. However, things did not quite work out that way! The first half saw some great play in the centre of the field by Hannah L and Flora D which allowed Holmwood to put pressure on the St Josephs defense and have a number of shots at goal. Eventually Anna P was able to break through and score the first goal for Holmwood.  However, during a second attack from Holmwood near the end of the first half Anna P sustained an injury to her eye and had to leave the field and Dominique G also had to withdraw from the match due to illness. Therefore, the second half of the match saw Georgie C take Anna’s place on the wing and Kiera W play in defense for the whole half. Both girls played well with Kiera W making a number of key tackles in defense to allow Holmwood to keep pressing forward. Eventually another goal came for Holmwood from Julia K and the matched finished 2-0 to Holmwood. Another promising game girls. Well done!

Mrs Julier