17 November 2016

Swimming Gala at New Hall

Unfortunately, to date no results have been received from this fixture; if this changes I will update the match report!  Needless to say, the swimmers as always gave 100 per cent and we could have asked no more of them.

The Year 3s had the daunting task of facing their first gala, but they met all their challenges head on and all seemed to enjoy the experience.  All the boys in this year group were incredibly supportive of each other, (Fen J, Gabriel M, Jamie S, Fred O, Rowan H), cheering loudly for their team mates and encouraging them all the way.  The girls were quietly determined, (Eloise C, Sophie P, Charlotte G, Issy A), and all of them showed their versatility in the water swimming a variety of strokes each.

The Year 5s were on good form as well and they continue to show great improvement in the water.  The boys, (Henry W, George H, Jude F, Archie L), were particularly strong and produced a number of first and second place finishes.  For the girls, (Sophie H, Martha H, Clara M, Olivia R), showed great determination and resilience, with some swimming races outside their comfort zone!

The Year 6s can be relied upon to produce some strong swims and the girls in particular, (Imogen J, Anna B, Keira W, Emily B), were dominant throughout.  The boys, (Theo L'E, Edward S, Angus M, Henry H, Toby P), continue to develop as a team and worked well to field a swimmer for each event.

Congratulations go to each and every swimmer for their tenacity and commitment in the water.  Fingers crossed for some results soon.......

 Mrs Jeffrey