Match report

30 November 2016

Girls' Hockey - U10B vs St Cedd's

This was a thoroughly enjoyable match throughout for all the players. We were frustrated at times by our inability to score despite many shots at goal, but this did not dampen our enthusiasm during the game and every player demonstrated just how much they have improved during the term.

In the first half our defence, Ava G and Dominique G, worked well together to keep the ball out of the 'D', preventing any shots on goal by St Cedd's. Anna P also had a strong half as CH and moved the ball competently down the pitch.

In the second half, the girls found more confidence and began calling for the ball when they were in space. This had a significant impact on the match and we dominated the game, leaving Maia A in goal with nothing to do!

The wings, Georgie C and Keira W, both had a great half working well with Flora D, playing CF, to move the ball towards the goal. All the girls passed accurately, held their positions and moved into space brilliantly to control the game. And despite all this we STILL didn't score!!

This match demonstrated just how much the girls have grown in confidence and was a superb example of teamwork throughout. Well done all!

Final score 0 - 0

Mrs Jeffery