gala report

1 December 2016

Swimming Gala v Ipswich School

After the usual last minute drop-outs from some of the year groups, we travelled to Ipswich High with some teams short on number. As a result, some of the swimmers had to swim up for the next year group during some races, but all the children faced the various events head-on and none were deterred by the challenges.

For the Year 6s, this was their first experience swimming the longer 50 metre distance expected of them in all strokes except fly, (25m). Martha M got us off to a great start with a second place finish in the backstroke event. Martha volunteered to come along at the very last minute and willingly participated in any race regardless of the stroke!

In the breaststroke race it was a first and third place from Henry D and Harry O respectively, before we moved on to the dreaded butterfly! Both Martha and Henry put themselves forward for this race, for which I was very grateful, but rather concerned at the same time when Martha asked "how do I breathe?" Henry was again swimming in the freestyle race, finishing in another first place closely followed by Margot F in second and William T in fourth. All the Year 6 swimmers performed well in the two relays, with the 'A' team finishing second in both despite Year 5s having to swim up to make up the numbers. The 6s had two swimmers competing for the first time, Ava M and Harry O. Both swam competently and hopefully enjoyed the experience!

Year 6 swimmers - Ava M, William T, Henry D, Martha M, Margot F, Harry O, Sabine S

Year 6 points (lowest wins) Ipswich High School 28, Holmwood 32

The Year 5s had a phenomenal afternoon, finishing first and second in every race. In the 25m backstroke Emily B, Edward S and Toby P finished first, second and third respectively. In the breaststroke event it was the turn of Imogen J and Theo L' E. followed by Anna B and Imogen in the butterfly. They finished the individual races in fine style with another 1-2-3 in the freestyle race from Edward, Sophie D and Sarah E. In both the medley and freestyle relays the 'A' team only just pipped the 'B' team for first place.

Year 5 swimmers - Sarah E, Sophie D, Imogen J, Toby P, Anna B, Edward S, Keira W, Emily B

Year 5 points - Ipswich High School 42, Holmwood 18

The Year 4s also had an encouraging afternoon starting with a second and third place in the backstroke event courtesy of George H and Archie L. In the breaststroke Henry W, Sophie H and Jude F competed for us with Sophie finishing in third place. Henry and Jude both competed again in the butterfly event and both deserve much praise for their efforts as this is by far the hardest race on the programme and one few children of this age will attempt. In the freestyle event it was another first and second place finish from George and Martha H. The Year 4s concluded their afternoon of racing in fine style with two first place finishes from the Holmwood 'A' swimmers.

Year 4 swimmers - Archie L, Jude F, Clara M, Sophie H, Henry W, George H, Martha H, Tom B

Year 4 points - Ipswich High School 28, Holmwood 32

Final Standings (Lowest points win): Ipswich High School 98, Holmwood House 82