Match report

18 January 2017

Netball - U13 1st and 2nd VIIs vs South Lee

This was a great start to the season. Even though the result didn't finish in our favour, both teams were of similar standards and it was a very close and exciting match.

Our mid court play was a little muddled, but as the game progressed, the girls addressed this and started to spread out. This enabled us to move the ball more efficiently, with some great attacking play. Freya J, as GS, had a great game, creating and protecting space, to allow the mid court players to feed the ball safely into the shooting circle. Her shooting was also of a very high standard.

There was little Holmwood could do in the oppositions shooting circle, and Olivia F, Henrietta C and Jasmine W did well in defending two, very tall, GS and GA. As soon as the ball was in their attacking third, South Lee were guaranteed a goal. However, Olivia F, excelled in the last quarter, outwitting their play and made some great interceptions and also caught the rebounds. Their coach named her Player of the Match !

The girls reflected on their performance and together we have compiled a list of areas they feel they need to focus on in training.

The final result was 19-26 to South Lee.

1st quarter : Holmwood 4 South Lee 7
2nd quarter: Holmwood 10, South Lee 15
3rd quater : Holmwood 13, South Lee 21
4th quarter: Holmwood 19, South Lee 26

Mrs Newland