Match report

22 February 2017

Netball U13 1st vs OBH

We deliberately had a big squad to give as many girls the chance to be selected for the IAPS tournament next week. All of the girls gave their all and played to the best of their ability.

It was a very even and exciting match. Unfortunately, we took our time to get going, and allowed OBH to take the lead, 8-3 at the end the the first quarter. This was a shame as during the next two quarters we improved significantly, wioh great marking and tactical play. We maintained possession of the ball, with short, sharp passes and great movement on and off the ball, waiting for the best delivery into the shooting circle. The defence on the OBH circle marked brilliantly, forcing OBH shooters to work very hard for an opportunity to shoot.

During the last quarter, we lost our way and providing OBH lots of opportunities at goal, which they maximised.

It was a great game and the girls did themselves proud.

Man of the match : Tammy

1st quarter : ONH 8 HH 3
2nd quarter: OBH 9 HH 5
3rd quarter: OBH 12 HH 9
4th quarter : OBH 19 HH 12