Match report

15 March 2017

This friendly festival was set on the fields overlooking the River Orwell. The sun was shining and the weather was sweet. The stage was set for four ten minute games.

Holmwoods first game was against Orwell Park. These two teams have met on a number of occasions this season and have always had a fierce competition. The game started well for Holmwood with an excellent tackle by George H who defended with such strength that the ball was knocked on and using the advantage he picked the ball up and beat 4 opposition players to the line. The defence in the latter part of the game was not up to the usual standard that the player expect from themselves.

Final score 20 - 10 to Orwell

Second game was against St Felix. Holmwood dominated this game from the off. Excellent carries from Archie L, Balian R and Tom F.

Final score 25-10 to Holmwood

Holmwood vs St Joseph's was a very competitive match. St Joseph's had the advantage of size but Holmwood were tenacious and fought for the ball. Holmwood were excellent in defence and Tom B and Alexander B exploded onto the ball and broke through the line to score tries.

Holmwood 10 - 10 St Joe's

The final game against Ipswich was going to be one of the toughest of the day. Ipswich came into the game after three successful games. Both teams played very fast rugby and it really was end to end. Edward F and Ashton P were excellent in attack, taking the ball on with real purpose and making valuable ground towards the try line. Rafa C defended well and his body height in the tackle made short work of the attacking runners. A great game to finish the day off.

Holmwood 15 - 20 Ipswich

Mr Cook