Match report

22 March 2017

Rugby U9 A and B VIIs vs Finborough

Holmwood travelled to Finborough having worked hard in training this week. Following Mondays weather during rugby training it was thought Holmwood might have adapted to the cold and wet! However the rain and wind in today's Match led to many dropped balls and a few wayward passes. Having said that, Holmwood worked well to score several individual try's. This was true for both the As and Bs. The format was that of a mini tournament and in the last match Holmwood came up against Holmwood. In the true spirit of the game nothing was left on the field with some very determined young men trying their all. The Bs played very well and demonstrated some brilliant tackling. The As dominant in attack and demonstrating some very good movement of the ball.

Well done to all involved.

Mr White