Match reports

3 May 2017

Cricket U11 A vs The Abbey

Final Score HH 135-1 - The Abbey 78-all out

Put into bat on a very cold spring day, openers Rufus C and Sam F played with skill and concentration to put on 60 in the first 10 overs before both retired, Rufus on 24 and Sam on 11.  Harry O and James P replaced them and against less accurate bowling scored freely.  James was the only batsman from Holmwood to be dismissed for 12. Henry D also scored freely and after 20 overs Holmwood had scored an impressive 135-1 with Harry not out on 37 and Henry 8.  The Abbey contributed 43 overs.

In reply, excellent bowling from William T with 3 wickets all bowled and Patrick A 1 meant The Abbey never threatened the Holmwood total.

A wicket each for Sam F, who took a great sprawling catch, Edward S bowled and Harry O also bowled, mean that The Abbey reached only 78 in reply.  Holmwood winning by 57 runs.

Cricket U11 D vs The Abbey

Holmwood won the toss and elected to bat.

Each bowler would bowl a total of 9 balls each meaning each batting pair would face 18 balls. 2 runs would be scored for a wide and a no ball with -5 runs for the loss of a wicket. The batting team starts on 100 runs.

Owen J and Jesse D scored 6 runs.
Richard H and Edward G scored 19 runs.
Edward T and Rafa K scored 19 runs.
Gabrielle S-F and Hamish A scored 20 runs.
Angus M and Josh R scored 23 runns
Edward T and Rafa K batted again and scored 13 runs

Holmwood's total was 200.

Holmwood Bowling
Owen J and Jesse D conceded 23 runs
Richard H and Edward G conceded 24 runs
Edward T and Rafa K conceded 30 runs.
Gabrielle S-F and Hamish A conceded 23 runs
Angus M and Josh R conceded -7 runs
Hamish A and Angus M conceded 39 runs

The Abbey Scored 230 runs

The Abbey won by 30 runs

Mr Lesiak