Match report

10 May 2017

Girls' Cricket - 1st team vs RHS

The U13s had a fine victory against RHS on Wednesday 10 May. Holmwood won the toss and put RHS in to bowl.  Their five pairs put on 69 runs in their 20 overs.  Phoebe R-L, Misha B and Hebe W bowled three overs each, conceding 12. 19 and 25 runs.

Kaela S got 2 wickets in her 3 overs, Maisy H went for only 12 runs in 4 overs and Hollie D-R's figures were 4 overs, 4-16.

Holmwood's first pair, Kaela S and Phoebe R-L, made a good start towards the 70 runs required, scoring 25 runs in their 4 overs.

Misha B and Olivia F added 27 runs.  Freya J and Hebe W were unlucky to get out twice, so only scored 17 runs (5 runs re taken off the score for every wicket lost).  Alara H and Henrietta C also lost 10 runs off their score, making 9 altogether.

The scores were more level when Holmwood's last pair came into bat.  Maisy H (4 runs) and Hollie D-R (20 runs) put out a total of 37 runs to win easily. 

Well played girls!

Mrs Austin