match report

20 September 2017

Girls' Hockey - U13 1st VII vs OBH

Another superb performance even though the opposition was less strong. At half time we were 3-0 up with 2 great goals from Maisie H. As decided pre match we would adopt a different system,if we took the lead, whereby only a named player could score. Captain Holly DR managed this with sensitivity and maturity and it was great fun seeing the individuals trying their hardest to score whilst others tried not to! 

Again a great example of the maturity and adaptability of this great team. Well done girls.

Final score: won 6-0

Mrs Golding

Girls' Hockey - U13 2nd & 3rd VIIs vs OBH

Holmwood House 2nds and 3rds, mixed and re-named ‘bananas’ and ‘pears’,
played a similarly mixed team from OBH. Teams were well matched and both
Flora and Ava made some excellent saves. Margot made some well-timed tackles
and Martha made strong runs down the wing, and some great crosses. Honour
was the outstanding player of the day, keeping possession of the ball, and
driving forward. Everyone played very positively and Mrs E and Mrs S were very
proud of the teams.

Final score: Holmwood House 0, OBH 0

Mrs Earley and Mrs Spencer