match reports

20 September 2017

Rugby - U11 A & B IXs vs OBH

Upon arrival at OBH we were informed that unfortunately they had a few last minute drop outs from players. This meant that we organised a game into thirds lasting 13 minutes each. As Holmwood took 22 players the game took some careful logistics to manage that every boy had as much pitch time as possible.

Whilst on the pitch every player gave it their all. The teams were 6 a side on a normal size U11 pitch. This gave an added pressure to the players, not only were there quite a few of their friends watching but it meant that there was plenty of space for either side to attack. The tackling was excellent from Holmwood and at all times of the game the players raised their games which resulted in a good demonstration of the skills learnt in recent training sessions. Well done to the Holmwood U11’s, you all demonstrated excellent camaraderie and team spirit.

Well done to the OBH players, some of whom played the whole game!

Final score: Holmwood 45 - 25 OBH

Mr Cook