match report

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Rugby - U13 1st XIII vs OBH

With evenly matched opposition Holmwood were hoping to pick up their first win.

Holmwood battled hard at the start with picking up the first try of the match by Hamish Irvine. Not shortly after though OBH managed to turn the ball over with Holmwood so close to finding another try, OBH went to go and score the other end with a two on one with the full back.

When halftime came the scores were level at two all with james newland scoring a try near to the end of the half.

When Holmwood kicked to OBH in the second half, luck wasn’t on their side and they managed to break through the Holmwood line twice and pick up too quick tries.

With the scores two tries apart, Holmwood were on the Verge of scoring but Charlie A dropped the ball over the line to make a one try tying match. OBH went to go and score another try which made it game over, but Holmwood never gave up and they just scrambled a try at the end.

Charlie A (Year 8)

Rugby - U13 2nd XIII vs OBH

Slightly out played by a stronger side but the boys did well by showing great resilience.

Mr McCormack