aquathlon report

Monday 25 September 2017

Aquathlon - U11, U10 & U9 vs Ipswich School

This fixture was squeezed in just before the season ends and fortunately we were very lucky with the weather!

Our team of Year 4s swam 100 metres and ran 800 metres and despite their understandable nerves and trepidation, all were determined to do their best.  This was the first competitive Aquathlon fixture for most of them and the way in which they coped with the event was admirable.

The Year 5 team swam 125 metres and ran 1100 metres and most had participated in such a fixture before so were able to support and encourage our younger team.

The Year 6s had the longest swimming distance of the event, 150 metres, but they also ran the Year 5 course.  All of these competitors had raced before so were able to assist the younger participants when setting up transition.

Thank you to all those parents and family members who came along to offer their support.  And huge congratulations to all the competitors for your monumental efforts in both the pool and on the course.

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Mrs Jeffery