match report

Wednesday 4 October

Hockey - U11 B & C vs Orwell Park Tournament

The girls grew in confidence with each match.  Playing eight minutes only per game, the pressure was on from the start to play attacking hockey and every member of the team worked hard to move the ball down the pitch.

The first game against Finborough was our toughest and we did not help ourselves by getting off to a slow start.  Despite some accurate tackling and good runs with the ball the opposition kept the pressure on and at the final whistle we were one goal down.  Keira W had a good game in defence and read the ball well before committing to a tackle.

In our second match against The Abbey we had found our form and there was some promising play from Flora D in the key Centre Half position.  She worked particularly well with Olivia R on the Right Wing and between the two of them they drove the ball into the 'D' and a strong hit from Flora was followed up by Olivia to push the ball over the line.  Final score 1 - 0 to us.

The third match against Framlingham Prep was our best performance of the afternoon.  Excellent passing and running with the ball and lots of pressure on their goalkeeper resulted in two goals from Olivia and Flora.  The Wings, Emily A (stepping up from Year 4) and Isobel B were well used during this match and as soon as we sent the play out to them using the whole width of the pitch, the hockey became more fluid and we were able to find space much easier.

In the final match against Littlegarth our goalkeeper, Maia A, made many good saves as the opposition put pressure on us.  Birthday girl, Alexandra M, in defence marked well and tackled accurately and it was a nil-nil draw at the final whistle.

This was a very successful afternoon for the Holmwood team, finishing the tournament in second place and each player came home with a medal.  Well done everyone

Mrs Jeffery