match reports

11 October 2017

Rugby - U11 A IX vs Framlingham College Prep

The wind was gusting across Barbers Piece and the pitch was firm under foot. The Holmwood players benefitted from a high intensity and fast paced warm up. This consisted of some sharp hands and rucking drill. It looked to be set for a good display of rugby from the Holmwood boys who received the ball from the first kick of the match. Unfortunately, something must have happened that no one was aware of between the captains meeting in the middle and the kick off… Holmwood seemed to have gone to sleep on the pitch. A very strong Framlingham attack was met with some soft tackles and isolated defenders. This made it very easy for the Framlingham boys to recycle the ball and they demonstrated excellent structure whilst carrying the ball.

The start of the second half saw a different Holmwood. They dominated the tackle situation and ensured that no player was left alone. The rucking was sealed off and the ball was recycled and then moved through the hands to a much higher standard. They identified the space and made sure the defence was committed before moving the ball on.

It was an excellent second half for the Holmwood team and as a demonstration of their confidence one try was scored by a chip and chase! Well done for sticking at it, hopefully the next match the players will be up for the competition from the very first whistle.

Final score Holmwood 15 - 25 Framlingham

Mr Cook