match reports

12 October 2017

Hockey U13 1st VIIs vs Framlingham Prep

Final score: Lost 7-0

The end of our undefeated status! At least the girls went down fighting. The first half was very evenly matched with both teams having scoring opportunities but unfortunately we failed to find the target and were 2-0 down at half time. Considering the depth of talent in the Framlingham team this was a fine achievement but the second half saw them rise in confidence and us dip in energy and suddenly every break they had resulted in a goal. 

Defensively we played superbly with Kaela S and Freya J making numerous well timed tackles and Misha B playing her midfield role with great maturity.

The girls worked hard to the final whistle and lost to a better team but their courage was commented upon by several of the Framlingham parents. Well done girls.

Mrs Goldring

Hockey U13 2nd VIIs vs Framlingham Prep

Final score: Lost 1-0

A very exciting game with end to end play. Framlingham scored in the first half but were held at bay throughout the second half by excellent defending from Margot F and Honor D. 

Opportunities to score were slim but Hebe W did a great job in midfield sending the ball to the forwards. A great demonstration of team work in a game that could easily have gone either way. 

Mrs Goldring

Hockey U13 3rd VIIs vs Framlingham Prep

The two teams were well matched in pace and skill during the first half of the
match today. Framlingham scored two good goals and we had one excellent
scoring opportunity that whistled past the post. Lucy B and Arabella D put
pressure on the Fram defence and worked hard. However our girls ran out of
steam early in the second half and were unable to keep pace with the opposition.
Unfortunately this had an impact on all areas of the pitch, with fewer scoring
opportunities and a number of goals scored against us. Holmwood girls remained
positive and represented the school very well.

Final score: Holmwood House 0, Woodbridge 9

Mrs Spencer