match reports

18 October 2017

Girls' Hockey - U11 A VII vs St Margarets

HH won 5-0. In the practises before our game the girls had worked on using all of the space on the field and making accurate passes. This practise was evident in the game, with the girls showing excellent interplay and great finishing too. Special mention to Poppy DR for scoring all 5 goals. 

Oliver Stevens

Girls' Hockey - U11 C VII vs St Margarets

Playing with three Year 4s, it took a while for the girls to adapt to playing with new faces.  But once we had adjusted, we quickly took charge of the match and kept up the pressure on St Margaret's defence.

The forwards - Issy A-B, Delilah C and Isobel B all had a strong first half and they passed the ball accurately to each other before shooting on goal.  Their persistence paid off ad by the half time whistle we had scored three goals to the opposition's one.

In the second half our defence were challenged on numerous occasions but strong tackling from Alexandra M and Sophie P more often than not had the ball back in our possession.  When St Margaret's did get a shot on goal Maia A accurately stopped it and cleared it out wide.

Olivia R played the key Centre Half position and had an excellent match from start to finish.  She linked the ball well between her defence and forwards and made some strong runs down the pitch.

Final score 5 - 1 to Holmwood

Mrs Jeffery