match reports

Wednesday 17 January 2018

Football - U11 A vs Colchester High School

Holmwwod started their term of football with a home fixture against Colchester High.

Holmwood found the pace of the game a little fast to start with but adapted as the half progressed. Colchester High dominated large part of the first half, with Holmwood defending for long periods. J Evers, J Swaine, E Slater and G Herbert worked tirelessly closing down and blocking shots. Colchester high took the lead after a cross was tapped in at the far post. Colchester High continued to create opportunities however most where shots from distance and missed the target. Towards the end of the half a through ball was chased down by L Cairns who lifted the ball over the advancing goalkeeper to put Holmwood level.   

Half time: Holmwood 1 - 1 Colchester High

The second half follow the same pattern as the first with Colchester High creating lots of shooting opportunities with out really troubling T l'Esperance in goal. Holmwood were hanging on until a well struck shot came back of the post and hit a defernder on the knee and flew into Holmwood's goal. This was to be the final goal of the game.

A tough first match. However, the boys work rate and determination was there for all the see.

Final score: Holmwood 1 - 2 Colchester High

Mr Lesiak

Football - U11 B vs Colchester High School

Holmwood's first match of term was as usual against Colchester High. Holmwood dominated the first half with T Fairs working well in centre midfield. J Baldwin and H Romer-Lee were solid in defence, E Taylor and B Rutherford provided the width in midfield and H Mould looked dangerous up front. Holmwood created lots of chances but failed to hit the target. As a result Colchester High broke away and scored from one of their few attacks.

Half time Holmwood 0 Colchester High 1

The second half was Colchester High swap all 7 players. This was to Holmwood's advantage and E Taylor now playing as striker scored a 5 minute hat-trick. O Spence who was now out of goal slotted in at the near post. H Mould and A Platt finished the  scoring in a half again dominated by Holmwood.

Final Score: Holmwood 6 Colchester High 1

Mr Lesiak

Football - U11 C vs Colchester High School

This afternoon has seen some brilliant football so early on in the term. Well played boys! A great start to the terms football. 

Final score:  Won 7-0

Mr Jeffries

Football - U11 D vs Colchester High School

A great start to the terms football, well played boys!

Mr Jeffries 

Football - U11 E vs Colchester High School

A close game in the first half. Errol P scored to put Holmwood 1-0 up. In the second half, 2 subs were put on and the goalkeeper was changed. Colchester High School managed to score in the second half. The resulting draw was a fair reflection of the game.

Final score: Holmwood 1 Colchester High 1

Mr Smith
Football - U11 F vs Colchester High School

In the first half, the ball kept going backwards and forwards from both teams. In the second half, the F team had many chances to score from Harry G and George N. The Colchester High goalkeeper was able to keep a clean sheet, blocking out all of the F team's chances.

Final score: Holmwood 0 Colchester High 0

Mr Smith