match report

17 January 2018

Netball - U11 A & C vs South Lee

For the first match of the season, both teams made a very determined start.  With only three training sessions behind us, the positions the girls naturally adapted to was still being assessed so there was much rotation of the positions as the match progressed.

The 'C' team was made up of Year 5s who were still adjusting to seven positions on the court, as opposed to five!  Despite the opposition scoring an early goal in the first quarter, the team continued to work the ball down the court and made many interceptions.  The teams were very evenly matched and it was certainly end-to-end play.  We equalised with a goal in the third quarter and the match ended a draw at 1 - 1.  Martha H was awarded our player of the match by the opposition.

The 'A' team were certainly very versatile and all the players adapted well to a new position after most quarters.  With a score of 8 - 0 to us going into the half time break, we mixed things up and switched our attack and defence.  This did little to even up the teams and the match concluded at 13 - 0 to Holmwood. 

Mrs Jeffery