gala report

18 January 2018

Swimming Gala - U11 & U10 vs St Mary's

This was our first fixture against St Mary's and our first home fixture in a while.


The Year 6s had an excellent gala starting with a first place 50m backstroke swim from Imogen J with our last minute participant Anna P finishing in second.  The individual breaststroke race also saw a first place finish for the home team courtesy of Julia K.  The butterfly race was an excellent example of the teamwork existing in the swimming squads as Edward S volunteered to swap from his preferred freestyle race to swim the race.  Our 'A' teams also enjoyed success in both the Medley (Imogen, Julia, Anna B, Edward) and Freestyle Relays (James B, Imogen, Edward, Anna B), touching first in both.


Our Year 5 team was equally as determined and successful; Henry W had an excellent swim in the 25m butterfly race finishing in first place, and this was immediately replicated by George H in the freestyle race with Martha H finishing in second.  Both the Medley (Archie L, Henry, Jude F, George) and Freestyle Relay (Archie, Martha, George, Henry) 'A' teams were not to be outdone by the Year 6s and both finished first.


Year 6 team - Sophie D, James B, Anna P, Anna B, Keira W, Julia K, Edward S, Imogen J


Year 5 team - Archie L, Sophie H, Jude F, Henry W, Martha H, Clara H, George H, Tom B


Points (lowest wins)

Year 6: Holmwood 26, St Mary's 34

Year 5: Holmwood 26, St Mary's 34


Combined Points:  Holmwood 52, St Mary's 68


Mrs Jeffery