match report

25 January 2018

Rugby - U9 A VIIs vs Littlegarth

On a dry and still day with a soft pitch the conditions are perfect for a great game of rugby. Littlegarth were strong in attack but throughout the game the Holmwood defence was outstanding. The body position in the tackles were excellent and this was the key. Holmwood had control of the game, which is impressive as the Littlegarth players were larger and had some considerable talent with the ball in hand.

The attacking plays from Holmwood were strong, and it was great to see and hear the supporting runners getting into position to receive the ball. However, from this game it is clear to see the great efforts that have been applied in training have paid off to date, but as a team passing would make getting over the tryline a great deal easier! Well done to all involved.

Final score: Holmwood House 50 - 10  Littlegarth

Mr Cook

Rugby - U9 B VIIs vs Littlegarth

Holmwood approached this game with a great attitude. The boys have shown in training that they are capable of some great rugby. This was demonstrated early on.

Holmwood's first passage of attacking play lasted fifteen phases, this was possible due to the sustained pressure of Holmwood's ball carriers. On two occasions this allowed Holmwood's tackle count ( on the seventh tackle the ball is turned over to the other team ) to be reset to zero.

With all players willing to attack and some great defence from several of the Holmwood players the score was two - two at the half time break.

Littlegarth however came out very strong after the break. This pressure was sustained, allowing the opposition to score five more times to Holmwood's one.

I'm very proud of the boys so far, with every training session and match they are improving in their standard of play and importantly their attitude and discipline. Well done.

Mr Grimsey