match reports

31 January 2018

Boys' Hockey - U13 1st VII vs Framlingham Prep

Lost 4-0

The Holmwood boys did brilliantly to keep Framlingham from scoring for so long and were only 2-0 down at half time to a very skillful side. Despite several attacking chances and some stunning saves from AJ, we were unable to score and finished the game 4-0 down. The score was not an indication of the game and again the boys gave 100% to the very last second.

Mrs Goldring

Boys' Hockey - U13 2nd VII vs Framlingham Prep 

Lost 6-1

A definite game of two halves! Framlingham dominated the first half and were 5-0 up at half time but the second half was a different game with Harry O scoring and the boys really gelling well together. Fram scored again but such a different game of which the boys should be very proud.

Mrs Goldring

Boys' Hockey - U13 3rd VII vs Framlingham Prep

Lost 8-0

Framlingham were a much better team and we learned a lot about passing and looking for space, which helped us, and made us realise that we needed to practice our dribbling and passing. 

Dominic T

Boys' Hockey - U13 4th VII vs Framlingham Prep

This match was again dark loss. And the opposition was far superior, this is due to Framlingam starting hockey from a younger age.


Will D