13 September 2017

Rugby U11 A IX vs The Abbey

The first game of the season is always going to leave the players scratching their head and wondering how aspects of the game occurred. The game had a pleasantly surprising high tempo to it and it was good to see the players making positive movements to take the ball forward. Defence from both teams was very good considering it was such open game with darting running lines!

Boths teams improved throughout the game and as the Holmwood coach I am looking forward to taking the squad forward from this strong start. The score was not important in this game as it really could have gone either way.

The Abbey 10 - 5 Holmwood House

Mr Cook

Rugby U11 B IX vs The Abbey

Holmwood players decided from the outset that they would take the ball forward and meet The Abbey defence. This meant that a lot of ground was gained by missed tackles. Unfortunately it was the final decisions that held the score back for Holmwood. The players making little mistakes that cost them the scoreline. That being said, the final score should not be the focus of this game. The players all have come on and bonded as a year group and a team, this has benefitted them out on the pitch as individuals and as a team.

Well done to all involved!

The Abbey 25 - 20 Holmwood House

Mr Cook

Rugby - U10 A vs The Abbey

Final Score: Won 50-0

The first match of the season took place at home. The team played very well and dominated all aspects of the game! Well done

Mr Smith

Rugby U10 B vs The Abbey

The B squad performed well in their first match. we scored some fine solo tries and some good team support tries.  Seb L, Benedict V, Alfie S and Ashton P tackled well preventing many Abbey runs. The try scorers were Ashton P, Ben V, Alfie S and Henry W. 

Mr Warner