Aquathlon - Years 4, 5 & 6 squads at Haileybury (A), Friday 11 May 2012

The sight of children soaking wet and running around the sports fields was commonplace in the lead up to the aquathlon.  Most of those chosen to participate made the most of the Thursday early morning swim and Monday lunchtime swim for additional practice sessions.  The transitions were well-rehearsed and the competitors were confident that they could cope with the task ahead.

We were informed on the day before the competition that the running leg had been shortened due to the appalling weather and the condition of the course - this was a great relief to most!  

Ten children in total attended the event:

Year 4        Alasdair M, Finn J, Olivia R & Beth I
Year 5        William G, Alexander M, Annabel H & Sarah B  
Year 6        Daniel S & Elizabeth S

Despite the early 6.45am departure time from school, the children remained excited and eager to compete.  On arrival at Haileybury, nerves started to kick in but, once the event got underway, everyone coped admirably and (nearly all!) thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Some, on the other hand, learned invaluable lessons, such as tying laces properly before the run leg and remembering race-belts.

Times and rankings:

Name Position Time
Olivia R 5th 8.33
Beth I 7th 8.50
Finn J 11th 8.36
Alisdair M 14th 8.50
William G 4th 10.14
Alexander M 19th 12.58
Sarah B 8th 11.11
Annabel H 9th 11.27
Daniel S 17th 13.36
Elizabeth S
15th 14.38


I am delighted and very proud to announce that, of the ten competitors, eight qualified for the National Finals to be held next year, date and venue to be announced.  A huge thank you to parents Rachel Skells and Duncan Jeffery who kindly offered to take time off work to assist with transporting the children.  Without their support it would not have been possible to attend this event and I am most grateful to them.

However, the final comment must go to the competitors who did both themselves and their school proud.  Their behaviour was impeccable throughout, their individual effort and achievement was outstanding and their encouragement of each other was a pleasure to witness.

Mrs Emma Jeffery, Sports Coach