Amnesty International

Before half term, Year 7 took part in Amnesty International's competition to write an article about a human rights issue of their choice.  In the process of this project, Year 7 all learned something, improved their research skills and moved forward in their understanding of human rights in the world today.   However, there could only be five entries submitted to the national competition and those five entries are our Holmwood winners.

The Holmwood House Young Human Rights Reporter competition winners of 2016 were:

Poppy A - Saudia Arabian Women and the Right to Vote

Matthew B - Guantanamo Bay

Peter M - Love isn't a crime

Thomas P - North Korea - the modern Nazis 

and Robert W - Is Saudi Arabia's death penalty stance justified?

Also, Highly Commended were:

Matthew C - Gun Law

Matthew J - Colour shouldn't matter

and Jasmine W - Why some girls can't go to school