Back from India #HolmwoodGlobal

During the holiday, we were lucky enough to enjoy an amazing week at The Camford International School in Coimbatore as part of the British Council funded Connecting Classrooms scheme. We saw many examples of inspiring learning and were hosted with huge warmth by our Indian counterparts. The week was spent teaching lessons, observing lessons, exchanging ideas and generally getting to know our new international link school. 

We also enjoyed a wonderful trip into the mountains and the hill station of Ooty at the weekend, where we experienced beautiful scenery as well as a great deal of fabulous Indian food! 

This is the first stage of, what will hopefully be, a fruitful relationship, sharing educational inspiration and enriching the communities of both schools. Mrs Poongothai Arulramesh and Mrs SG Kavita will be visiting Holmwood in June and we hope to continue the relationship with further developments in the future. All children will have received a response to the letters that they wrote to the Indian children last term. 

Funniest things on the trip:

  • Miss Comer’s ability to turn red and tearful every single mealtime with the heat of the chilli !
  • The Indian children not thinking that Mrs Mitchell was speaking English. (She was!)
  • Trying to cope with the Indian heat and teach traditional British country dancing.


India 2015 from Holmwood House School on Vimeo.