Boarding News - Week 3 

The boarders worked hard last week to make cakes for the Macmillan coffee morning and on Wednesday the Year 8 Boarders had their first trip of the year. We went to the park, which was infinitely more fun than it might sound at first! The children had a wonderful time -  as did the staff!

Following on from the boarding surveys last term, we have looked carefully at the ideas and suggestions and have made the following adjustments in the boarding house. Please keep your ideas coming!

  • Year 8 are now allowed their mobile phones during boarding.
  • We have subscribed to 2 new magazines for the boarding house ‘BeRugby’ and ‘Pony’.
  • We have put frosted panels across the doors in the girls’ showers.
  • We have changed the girls’ bathrooms so that the mirrors are a better height.
  • We have bought a table tennis top for the pool table in the cellars and bought new balls for pool.
  • Night lights have been ordered and will be here in time for the darker evenings.