Born Survivors

On Tuesday evening this week (2 February 2016), we were honoured to be visited by Holocaust survivor, Eva Clarke and the author Wendy Holden who has written Eva's story, along with the story of two other babies born in the concentration  camps, in her book Born Survivors.

Eva and Wendy moved us all hugely with their talk and it would be true to say that Years 7 and 8, parents and staff alike felt humbled by this shocking story and the strength with which Eva's mother, Anka, withstood her treatment and defied the Nazis to give birth to Eva.  It was inspiring to hear how openly Anka had spoken to Eva as a child about her ordeal and how she was able to move forward with her life at the same time as trying to understand this terrible persecution.

Wendy and Eva were extremely impressed with the children's responses to the talk.

"I can honestly say that the reception was one of the warmest
we have ever received 
and it was so refreshing to have such articulate intelligent questions afterwards"

Wendy Holden