This week, in addition to everything else, children have been engaged in an exciting Europe: In or Out project.

All Prep School children have studied the European Union in Citizenship lessons this week, which  included reflection on complex areas such as trade, economics, freedom of movement and human rights, as well as the historical context into which Churchill first mooted the United States of Europe concept.

On Monday, our constitutional law was put under intense scrutiny when our Year 7 team of Poppy A, Henrietta C and Jasmine W debated the motion, “This house believes that the voting age for the EU referendum should be lowered to 11” against a staff team of Miss Godman, Mrs Julier, Mr Cook and Mr Calow.  During the floor debate excellent contributions were made by many children and the      debate could have gone on and on had we not had to go for lunch!  The staff team put up a great fight and some entertaining speeches but, to the delight of all, they were beaten admirably in the vote by the Year 7s who expressed some very well made points and strong opinions on this issue, affecting, as it does specifically, the long term future of the country.

On Tuesday a “Question Time Referendum Special” was held for the Prep School and Year 3, featuring the Headmaster as David Dimbleby and a panel of Rosie B, Lottie L, Angelie A, Sam B, Tom P and Ethan S as political pundits, who did a great job in such a complex area, trying to unravel some of the issues at stake for the children  voting on Thursday.  To quote Mrs Thorpe, "Our panel spoke more sense on this issue than many professionals!"

The project culminated with a mock referendum on Thursday which was set up and officiated by Year 6 and 7 children.  The outcome was that the children voted in favour of 11 year olds being able to vote in the EU Referendum on the basis that it would be their future that the   referendum would affect.  Of course, it was close but……to be continued!