Element News - Week 9


This week was our last ever Element meeting as Year 8s, and also some other's last meeting as well. Mr Cook has been an amazing help throughout the year.

We wished some members of staff a fond farewell: Mr Guy; we are 100% sure has been everyone's favourite geography teacher! Mrs Julier has been a wonderful tutor for all ages. Mrs Deacon, who has had many laughs at this school, and Mrs Slaven, who has been with Air for 6 years. we all hope they have the best of times outside Holmwood.

We kicked off the Element meeting with Henry’s banging tunes that he has constantly maintained all year! We then had a report of the year by Harry O and a charity speech by Davina and Henry. Louis chipped in with some wise words for the Year Rs. We then handed out the awards to Pre-Prep and Prep, both having some amusing ones chucked in. We ended up giving the staff some well-earned presents and wished everyone a lovely summer!

Harry O



In our final Element meeting we celebrated and reminisced all the events and activities we have participated in and achieved. Most recently this term Water have won the Swimming Gala, Sports Day, the Year 8 debate, the bridge building challenge among other fantastic events.  Well done, and thank you to all involved. 

We also celebrated all the individual efforts and amazing progress made by all the pupils in the Element this year. I always love seeing and hearing about everyone's achievements! 

Coming soon the Year 8s will be performing their production - ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. This has been a great process and we would like to thank Mr Cortes, Mrs Mayhew and Miss Denny for all their hard work. 

The production sees the final installment of our Challenge Weeks which Miss Godman has put on for us. It has been great fun and I CANNOT wait to see which Element has won overall. 

We recently had our Year 8 formal, the pictures are brilliant and we had such a good time. 

We were sad to see that next year Mr Lesiak will be moving to Air, they obviously need him to win the staff race on Sports Day! 

I would like to thank all my fellow Year 8s who have done an amazing job this year helping me with everything. Special mention to Martha, and also to Margot and Harry for their great work for the charities. (Over £1100!) 

I have such a good time this year and hope you all enjoyed it!