English Week 2017 - Picture Books & Book Hunt

Year 5

As part of English Week Mrs Kirk ran a fantastic workshop with the Year 5s, teaching them all about illustration in children’s books. Her knowledge on this important area of books was impressive and the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring a variety of books with her.

The Year 5s then took this newly gained knowledge and were tasked to create their own illustrated poems. In English lessons the children selected or created poems, and the art department worked with the children in art lessons teaching them how to illustrate. The final pieces are fabulous and demonstrate great creativity and thoughtfulness.

Thank you to Mrs Kirk, Mrs Jay, Mr Calow, Mr Earley and Mrs Baker for their combined skills and inspirational team work.

Miss Prescott

Year 6

All of Year 6 worked on a Library based group task to connect works of fiction with as many different areas of the school as they could. The five groups were led by Patrick A, Alexandra B-C, Hector B-P, Josiah C and Holly C.

In a good-natured and hard-fought contest, Hector's team were victorious with 28 titles closely followed by Patrick's team on 26.

As the task progressed, the links became more and more inventive and entertaining including 'Havoc' for the boys' changing rooms and 'The Witches' for the front office!  Well done, Year 6!

Mr Calow