English Week 2017 - Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry Workshop 1

The Slam poetry workshop was an intriguing session about how to write a Slam poem. Most pupils (including myself) walked into the library thinking that we could never write an extremely well-written poem, however, we were shocked at what we had created.

It was easier than we expected, using Gayle Danley’s Five Steps to Slam Poetry. We learned to write everything, read out loud, trim the fat (words that you don’t want to use), and read out loud again and to add flavour. We also watched three different Slam poems that were very inspirational and helped us realise what a Slam poem should be like. Thank you to Miss Prescott for putting this together.

Sam B

Slam Poetry Workshop 2

Joelle Taylor, one of the country’s foremost spoken word poets, joined us for the day to run workshops with Years  6, 7 and 8.

Joelle performed one of her poems for the pupils. She then asked them to share images that had stood out for them and discussed the importance of creating memorable images. The pupils were then challenged to write and perform SLAM poems as a group.

The quality of the poems the pupils created was absolutely astounding. Children who rarely spoke in lessons were standing up and and sharing their thoughts and ideas about the world. The pupils as an audience hung on their peers’ words. It was a wonderful experience for both the pupils and their teachers.

Miss Prescott

Slam poem created by Peter M during the workshops

You Can’t Change Me!

You can’t change who I am
So you diss me.
You can’t change me
You can’t, you are only human
I can’t change, you can’t change
So don’t call me posh
What a load of rubbish,
Don’t call me immature, because I do feel it
Don’t call me small, because mentally I am bigger and stronger than you,
I may not be the best at sport but neither are you,
I can sing, you can sing
But I believe I can sing,
I may not be popular
But does that mean you pick on me
I am different, my friends are different
Do you judge us for that?
I don't want to be in the crowd
Because that restricts who I am,
I may not have social media,
That doesn’t mean I am not social,
I just choose not to put myself up for abuse and torment from others who you may call friends.
I don’t  have lots of games I am not meant to have because
I don’t want to be rewired.
I am not 15!
So think before you criticize me again, think, THINK!