Forest School - Spring term

This term has seen lots of excitement in Forest School and Outdoor Learning as the children play and explore in the wintery weather we have been experiencing.


In Reception, the children have been making full use of the frost and snow to create snow fairies and butterflies on the grass. The ice developing on the ornamental pond has received much attention and caused great discussions about how it’s formed, what’s happening underneath, how strong it might be and lots of safety awareness too. Crossing the school drive on the way to the Spinney is a complete success now, with each child taking their turn to be in charge of crossings, showing lots of responsibility. A weekly favourite is the den building, which has seen lots of variation in terms of materials used and designs, improving the structure as each week goes by. The den area always leads to lots of role play and continues to show how quickly the children’s social skills are developing. With lots of tree climbing, mud play, identification of new finds
 such as fungi, lichen and moss, the children are continuously expanding their knowledge of the natural world around them. Last week saw the children capturing images in nature of interest to them while using mirrors and cameras helping them to find hidden treasures often overlooked from above.

Year 1

Year 1 children have been very busy in their Forest School session following the stories of Room on theBroom and The Smartest Giant in Town. Using their imaginations, wonderful team working skills, problem solving abilities, ropes and tools as well as natural materials found in the Spinney, they have created some amazing things. From Room on the Broom magic broom sticks were a real challenge that all succeeded in and led to a broomstick race around the trees. Their stinky potions were wonderfully messy and came complete with rhyming spells. This week the children retold the Smartest Giant in Town story before using a few basic items to create a magnificent sailing boat complete with mast and sail. Team working and kindness has been a focus for all children giving opportunities for them to show their developing personal skills. All the children continue to show how quickly they are maturing and what wonderful natures they have.