Tropical Rainforests Competition 2016

As part of their work on 'Global Environments' pupils in Year 6 have been taking part in a competition on Tropical Rainforests.

Their brief was to produce a piece of work which conveyed the beauty and importance of the World's tropical rainforests whilst also considering the threats and possible solutions to the destruction of the rainforests.

The method of presentation was entirely up to the individual pupil - some produced colourful posters whilst others put together a Google slide show or an illustrated essay.

The quality was very high so selecting the best pieces was a difficult job.  A big thank you to all the children who took part.

The following gained recognition for their excellent efforts:

Highly Commended

Martha M, Millie M, Alexandra B-C, Gus A, Ava M, Emmanuella I, Ilayda H & Margot F

Third Place

Sam F


Georgia P


Pearl P