Geography - Year 6

Presentation on Plate Boundaries

All the pupils in Year 6 have been investigating tectonic plate boundaries; these are boundaries between the massive plates which make up the Earth’s crust.

The pupils worked in groups - each group was assigned one type of boundary to investigate. There are four different boundary types: Constructive (Divergent), Destructive (Convergent), Conservative (Transform) and Collision (Continental Collision).

Each group put together a presentation. Once completed, pupils presented their findings to their classmates.

Presentations were recorded on an IPod; each group viewed their own presentation and thought about improvements they could make. The 5Rs skills grid proved to be very useful in focusing their minds on what they did well and what they could improve on.

Keeping these points in mind, pupils then had another go at presenting their findings to the class. Again, this was recorded on the IPods.

The difference in many presentations is startling!